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Commissioned Art

Delivering Art Commission
Being Cathy – Mixed Media on Wood Panel, 18×24″

Being Cathy, 2019

Acrylic & mixed media on wood panel, 18×24″
When we first discussed the parameters for this piece, my client said she liked neon colors. I’ve never painted with flourescents but wow do they make the art pop! It looks like I’ve pumped up the saturation on all of these, but it’s really just the paint.
FINAL ARTWORK (Sorry I don’t have better images. At the end of it all, I was so focused on wrapping everything up and getting her delivered on time, that I neglected to get quality photos!)
PROGRESS IMAGES – I build layer upon layer, the details having an additive effect – creating an overall final image rich with depth and imagination.
I make my own frames: Simple wooden framing balances and contains the energy of the piece, encouraging rest and delineation – allowing the art to comfortably perch amongst the ordinary.
The Underpinnings. The structural, bare bones of the piece. Much of this gets covered over and yet it establishes structure and foundation. It is the beginning of the story.

Catherine Barton Says…

One of the most accomplished artists that I know. Her skillset is so diverse, combined that with her ability to “see the big picture” – she is the artist for you if you want the best. If I were you, I would find that empty space in my office, house or conference room and ask Latifah to fill it with an exquisite piece of art that will represent who you truly are. She somehow knows how to take your achievements + ideals + inner feelings to create a wall hanging that not only you will enjoy but allows the world to have an inside view of your future self as well. She is astounding!

Night Sky, 2019

Acrylic & mixed media on wood panel, 24×20″
This commission had more of a visual focus from the beginning. I visited my client at her house, talked with her about tone, color palette, dimensions. She hadn’t actually seen my work before asking me to paint for her – we had just met and she apparently saw something in me she liked. At any rate, while sharing some of my original pieces with her, she gained inspiration and asked me to paint trees, sky & moon imagery.
When painting on commission, I spend a lot of time in contemplation. I am very intentional and considerate in my movements and yet spontaneous and reckless at the same time. I sit in prayer/reflection/consideration until the movement comes and then I go with it. It’s akin to riding a wave. I pray and open and trust what comes. It’s like Channeling, but for art.
PROGRESS IMAGES illustrating layer development. I typically use a dark stain on my frames but she specifically wanted a white-wash finish. I think it works! The foundation layer is composed of pages from a Life Nature Series book, 1962. I love using vintage book pages in my art!
*Prints Available

Why Commission Art?

Original artwork is amazing, no matter who you purchase it from. There is intention behind art made by a real person, their passion and need to create fueling the manifestation of something that never before existed. It’s a form of love.
There are many reasons to commission a piece of art. First and foremost, you have to have reverence for the medium – whether abstract mixed media work like mine, or pottery, or photography, or whatever. Typically art patrons crave the unique and the exclusive. There’s status in having something that no one else in the world has.
Even more importantly, art is about connection. Except for the select few, art is purchased because a connection has been made and a question has been answered. It’s a solution and a revelation.
When people commission work from me, they’re already connecting with who I am and what I do. They’re excited. I talk with them about why they like my work and what they’re hoping for through the process. I develop an understanding of who they are. As I talk with them, I get a sense of the art that will come thru me. Sometimes it’s a specific understanding of what colors I’ll use, sometimes it’s composition, sometimes it’s just a feeling that I cling to while I paint and the rest unfolds along the way.
Make no mistake, art is significant. Art can right wrongs and instill hope. If you’re interested in the possibility of commissioning art from me, call me, I’d love to talk with you: 707-327-8125.

Why Acrylic Dreams?

If you’re drawn to my art, if there’s something about it you like but you just can’t put your finger on it – that’s a good sign. If you feel moved by my work, if it leaves you wanting more… These are the things that tell you you’re home, that we need to work together. Call me, we should talk: 707-327-8125.

Miller Commission

Acrylic & mixed media on board, 16x16x2″
2 panels

Retreat Center Commission

Acrylic & ballpoint pen on raw canvas
4 panels

DaSilva Commission

Acrylic & mixed media on linen, 84×48″


Walsh Commission

Acrylic & mixed media on linen, 60×48″

A Note from April DaSilva

“I’m sure you’re blessing more homes and more people with your creativity. What an awesome gift to have and you very much deserve it.
Everyone who has seen the commissioned piece has been moved by it. By now, all of us (her family members) have stared at the artwork so many different times and we have immensely enriched each other’s interpretations. A mark of it’s prodigiousness is that it keeps giving on both deeply personal and shared levels. This work meets the beholder, at both physical and visceral levels. It has eyes that stare back, ears that listen, arms that embrace. .. It speaks, it hums , it dances!
Thanks again Latifah for all of this. You have given Ray and I more than you’ll ever know.”